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From the Authors

We are very pleased to launch the 24th edition of Ganong's Review of Medical Physiology. The current authors have attempted to maintain the highest standards of excellence, accuracy, and pedagogy developed by Fran Ganong over the 46 years in which he educated countless students worldwide with this textbook.

We were pleased with the reaction to the 23rd edition, our first at the helm. However, recognizing that improvement is always possible, and that medical knowledge is constantly evolving, we convened panels both of expert colleagues and of students to give us feedback on style, content, level and organizational issues. Based on this input, we have thoroughly reorganized the text and redoubled our efforts to ensure that the book presents state of the art knowledge. We have also increased clinical content, particularly related to the burden of disease states that arise from abnormal physiology of the systems we discuss.

We remain grateful to many colleagues and students who contact us with suggestions for clarifications and new material. This input helps us to ensure that the text is as useful as possible. We hope that you enjoy the fruits of our labors, and the new material in the 24th Edition.

This edition is a revision of the original works of Dr. Francis Ganong.

New Therapeutic Highlights

• Recognizing the critical links between physiology and therapeutics, the boxed clinical cases, also now include succinct summaries of modern pharmacological approaches to the treatment or management of the condition discussed.

New—Ganong's Review of Medical Physiology 24/e Comes to Life with the Ganong iPAD Digital Version!

• Integrated assessment
• Engaging interactivity and gorgeous, high resolution illustrations.
• Concepts are brought to life with movies, and integrates them right into the book
• Opportunity to buy individual chapters

New! Ganong Online Learning Center

This dedicated Ganong website will include the following:

• Movies and Animations for both students and professors to access. See concepts come to life!
• PowerPoint of all images and tables for the instructor
• Review Questions for students to test themselves

New to This Edition!

Each section will now have an introduction

• Information on the burden of disease associated with each organ system
• New introductory materials covering overarching principles of endocrine regulation in physiology
• Answers to the review questions in the book, with additional explanations to incorrect questions will now be included
• Additional Flow Charts—Students expressed how helpful flow charts are in tying concepts together and seeing the big picture!
• Chapter summaries tied to chapter objectives
• Expanded legends—This will help students understand figures, without necessarily referring back to the text
• Increased number of clinical cases

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