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Clinicians are in constant need of information. It is estimated that providers need answers to two questions for every three patients seen. Unfortunately, many decisions appear to be opinion based, highly variable, and without clear justification. The difference between an outstanding clinician and an average one is the ability to quickly find high-quality evidence generalizable to their patients.

The authors of Pharmacotherapy in Primary Care have been carefully chosen and their clinical experience represents tens of thousands of patient visits. Their authoritative recommendations provide evidence-based information that is essential to accurate clinical decision making. This text will be a valuable resource for primary care providers of all disciplines. Pharmacotherapy in Primary Care is not intended to be an encyclopedic textbook. For in-depth reviews, readers should refer to texts such as Pharmacotherapy: A Pathophysiologic Approach,Harrison's Principles of Internal Medicine, or The Heart.

Pharmacotherapy in Primary Care includes the search strategy used by the authors, to allow the reader to know when the information was assessed, and to feel confident that the most relevant material is included. There are numerous tables, algorithms, and flow diagrams to facilitate finding key information. The authors include insights regarding the need for subspecialty referral or hospitalization, and each chapter closes with an evidence-based summary. Pharmacotherapy in Primary Care is structured so that clinicians can quickly find answers to specific questions. Readers will feel that they have consulted with a specialist after reading a chapter.

In closing, we would like to thank Karen Davis and her colleagues at McGraw-Hill for their support to Pharmacotherapy in Primary Care. Without their resources, dedication, and faith in us, this first edition would not have been possible.

The Editors
July 2008

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