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We are delighted to present an updated full-color edition of Essentials of Toxicology, which distills the major principles and concepts of toxicology that were described in detail in the seventh edition of Casarett & Doull's Toxicology: The Basic Science of Poisons. We are grateful to the colleagues who contributed to the seventh edition of Casarett & Doull's Toxicology: The Basic Science of Poisons; their contributions to the parent text served as the foundation for the chapters in this edition of Essentials of Toxicology.

Essentials of Toxicology concisely presents the broad science of toxicology. Important concepts from anatomy, physiology, and biochemistry have been included to facilitate the understanding of the principles and mechanisms of toxicant action on specific organ systems. It is hoped that the book will be useful to students in undergraduate and graduate courses in toxicology, as well as students from other disciplines, who want to have a strong foundation in toxicologic concepts and principles.

The book is organized into seven units: (1) General Principles of Toxicology; (2) Disposition of Toxicants; (3) Nonorgan-directed Toxicity; (4) Target Organ Toxicity; (5) Toxic Agents; (6) Environmental Toxicology; and (7) Applications of Toxicology. A summary of important points is included at the beginning of each chapter, and a set of review questions is provided at the end of each chapter. We invite our readers to send us their suggestions of ways to improve this text and we appreciate the thoughtful suggestions that we received on the last edition.

We would like to acknowledge all individuals who were involved in this project. We particularly give a heartfelt and sincere thanks to our families for their love, patience, and support during the preparation of this book. We especially appreciate Ronnie Hamrick, Greg Dowling, Todd Dejulio, and Ruth Sanders who provided invaluable assistance on this project. The capable advice, guidance, and assistance of the McGraw-Hill staff is gratefully acknowledged. Finally, we thank our students for their enthusiasm for learning and what they have taught us during their time with us.

Curtis D. Klaassen
John B. Watkins III

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