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Steven Chen, Pharm.D., is associate professor and the hygeia centennial chair in clinical pharmacy at the University of Southern California (USC) School of Pharmacy. His clinical practice experience is in ambulatory care for government-insured, privately insured, and under-/uninsured patient populations. Dr. Chen's research interests include evaluating the impact of pharmacy services on health outcomes, medication safety, and costs. He is a member of research and practice teams that have been awarded the Best Practices Award from the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists in 2002 and 2008, the American Pharmacists Association Pinnacle Award in 2007, and the American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy Inaugural Community Transformative Award in 2009. Dr. Chen is cochair emeritus of the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) Patient Safety and Clinical Pharmacy Services Collaborative, a government-supported program promoting the spread of clinical pharmacy service integration in medical homes across the nation.

Melvin F. Baron, Pharm.D., M.P.A., is associate professor of clinical pharmacy at the University of Southern California School of Pharmacy. He received his Doctor of Pharmacy degree in 1957 and his Masters degree in Public Administration in 1973, both from University of Southern California (USC). He was in private practice from 1957 to 1987 and developed a unique home health care center providing infusion therapy, durable medical equipment, and respiratory, ostomy, and incontinence care. Dr. Baron joined the USC School of Pharmacy fulltime in 1990. He is director of the Level I Externship program, teaches a pharmacy administration clerkship, and also is director of the Pharm.D./MBA program at USC. His research interests include implementation and expansion of clinical pharmacy services in community clinics and development of educational tools for low-literacy, low-income Latino populations. Dr. Baron was the team leader for the development and production of bilingual fotonovelas for clinic patients. Dr. Baron partnered with The National Institute of Transplantation and was awarded a grant from the UniHealth Foundation to fund a kidney transplant series of videos, in both English and Spanish, to educate patients and their families about the transplant process. Dr. Baron is a recognized leader in providing expanded pharmacy services in safety net clinics. On June 27, 2011, Dr. Baron received the American Pharmacists Association Foundation Pinnacle Award for Individual Career Achievement.

Laura L. Feeney, Pharm.D. is adjunct assistant professor of pharmacy practice at the USC School of Pharmacy, and Clinical Pharmacist at Clinicas Del Camino Real, Inc., a federally qualified health center in Ventura, California. She received her Pharm.D. and completed a PGY1 Residency in ambulatory care at USC. Dr. Feeney provides comprehensive pharmacy services at Clinicas Del Camino Real, including disease state/medication therapy management, and operates an in-house 340B pharmacy.

Stephanie M. Iniguez, Pharm.D., is clinical pharmacist and in-house 340B pharmacy manager at Clinicas Del Camino Real. Dr. Iniguez received her Pharm.D. and completed a PGY1 Residency in ambulatory care at USC. She initiated disease management programs and medication access programs at Clinicas Del Camino Real, Inc. Dr. Iniguez ...

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