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A, B, C:  Preexponential constants for three-compartment model equation

a, b, c:  Exponents for three-compartment model equation

a, b, g:  Exponents for three-compartment model equation (equivalent to a, b, c above)

λ1, λ2, λ3:  Exponents for three-compartment-type exponential equation (equivalent to a, b, c above; more terms may be added and indexed numerically with l subscripts for multiexponential models)

Ab:  Amount of drug in the body of time t; see alsoDB

Ab:  Total amount of drug in the body

ABC:  ABC transport protein

AE:  Adverse event

ANDA:  Abbreviated New Drug Application; see alsoNDA

ANOVA:  Analysis of variance

API:  Active pharmaceutical ingredient

AUC:  Area under the plasma level–time curve

image:  Area under the plasma level–time curve extrapolated to infinite time

image:  Area under the plasma level–time curve from t = 0 to last measurable plasma drug concentration at time t

AUMC:  Area under the (first) moment–time curve

BA:  Bioavailability

BCS:  Biopharmaceutics classification system

BDDCS:  Drug disposition classification system

BE:  Bioequivalence

BLA:  Biologic license application

BM:  Biomarker

BMI:  Body mass index

BRCP:  Breast cancer-resistance protein (an ABC transporter)

BUN:  Blood urea nitrogen

C:  Concentration (mass/volume)

Ca:  Drug concentration in arterial plasma

image:  Average steady-state plasma drug concentration; see also

Cc or Cp:  Concentration of drug in the central compartment or in plasma

CCr:  Serum creatinine concentration, usually expressed as mg%

CE:  Clinical endpoint

Ceff:  Minimum effective drug concentration

CGI:  Concentration of drug in gastrointestinal tract

CI:  Confidence interval

Cm:  Metabolite plasma concentration

Cmax:  Maximum concentration of drug

image:  Maximum steady-state drug concentration; see also Cssmax

Cmin:  Minimum concentration of drug

image:  Minimum steady-state drug concentration; see alsoCssmin

Cp:  Concentration of drug in plasma

image:  Concentration of drug in plasma at zero time (t = 0) (equivalent to C0)

image:  Steady-state plasma drug concentration (equivalent to CSS)

image:  Last measured plasma drug concentration

CSS:  Concentration of drug at steady state

Cssav:  Average concentration at steady state

Cssmax:  Maximum concentration at steady state

Cssmin:  Minimum concentration ...

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