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Pharmacy licensing examinations are designed to determine whether a candidate has the minimum competencies required to enter and then carry out the responsibilities of the profession. A candidate preparing for the licensing examination must be prepared to demonstrate competence in many areas, any one of which may be the subject for in-depth questioning.

This book is designed as a self-testing tool for the pharmacy student to identify individual areas of strength and weakness, to suggest areas for further review, and to impart new concepts and other information useful to both the student and the practicing pharmacist. Students, especially those approaching graduation and the NAPLEX will find the book useful for review purposes. The practicing pharmacist will be able to refresh his/her knowledge of many topics.

Frequently Dispensed Drugs lists more than 200 drugs by generic names that the authors consider most likely to be dispensed by pharmacists. Included in the table are trade or brand names, manufacturing companies, a brief description of therapeutic uses, and common dosage forms and strengths. It is not necessary to memorize the name of the company manufacturing a certain product, especially with the numerous company name changes; however, many individuals find it easier to relate a trade name to a company. Brand Names (Trade Names) Versus Generic Names serves as a cross-reference of trade names with generic names.

We trust that this book will not be viewed as simply a means to review material for the licensing examination. Passing this examination does not guarantee continued competence throughout a long professional career. Practicing pharmacists must not only retain their previously acquired knowledge and skill, but must remain up to date on contemporary modes of practice. We hope that this book will serve both as a means for self-assessment of competence to practice as well as a valuable guided review. A statement listing professional competency in pharmacy originally prepared by the California State Board of Pharmacy appears in How to Use This Book.

NAPLEX® is the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy (NABP) trademark. The NABP does not endorse, authorize, or sponsor this book.

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