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The idea for this book, Community and Clinical Pharmacy Services: A Step-by-Step Approach, was born from the core assertion that our profession is capable, well trained, and willing to fill a gap in health care for millions of Americans. Pharmacists are trained with exceptional clinical knowledge, but a gap still exists between our ability to help patients achieve health goals and the widespread creation of advanced pharmacy services in community and clinic settings. This book provides practical—not merely ideological—solutions to address this gap.

The structure of this book is unique. The first four chapters discuss practical general aspects for providing advanced pharmacy services, documentation skills, motivational interviewing of patients, and medication therapy management (MTM). These are essentially the “management” skills needed to implement and maintain advanced patient care services.

The subsequent chapters thoroughly discuss disease states that most likely would be amenable to development of pharmacy services. Each of these chapters begins with a short therapeutic refresher and quickly dives into the “how to” aspects of providing services for each disease state. Aspects such as equipment, pricing services, developing a business plan, securing outside stakeholder support, and marketing are discussed. In particular, the structure of these “disease state” chapters holds many pearls. As is the case with other books in this subject area, learning objectives and summary points are provided to enhance the reader's knowledge. In addition, many chapters contain an interview with a pharmacist who has implemented and maintained pharmacy services in that particular disease state, including a practical discussion of the “pearls of wisdom” that they gained and the barriers that they had to overcome. Furthermore, a simulated patient case integrates many of the therapeutic components covered in the first part of the chapter. Finally, a set of chapter-focused questions with answers and explanations and an online PowerPoint presentation are provided to ensure applicability of the content toward an academic setting.

Exceptional pharmacists across the country are successfully providing advanced pharmacy services with a sustainable business model. This book seeks to put the tools of those success stories into the reader's hands to help achieve a more widespread advancement of the profession as a whole and, most importantly, the health of our patients. This book is ideal for student pharmacist electives, resident and preceptor development, and as an enhancement of practice ideas and skills for pharmacists working in a community or clinic setting who seek to initiate MTM services or to diversify their current practice. Because both of us have developed services in multiple settings, we recognize that implementation and maintenance of such services requires knowledge, skills, and dedication. Likewise, we have sought authors for each chapter who we feel have been able to provide important pearls that they gained while building their services. Community and Clinical Pharmacy Services: A Step-by-Step Approach represents the accumulated wisdom and experience of many pharmacists, and we hope that this shared knowledge will enable pharmacy as a whole to reach new levels of implementing health-care services.

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