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Now that you've learned what residency training is, how to select a residency, and the necessary steps for applying to postgraduate training, it is time to discover a little more detail about the opportunities for both Postgraduate Year One (PGY-1) and Postgraduate Year Two (PGY-2) training. The opportunities are bountiful. That's where this section comes in. Use it as a guide to further your postgraduate training destination. In this section, you'll find the details on the PGY-1 residency year whether it is in a healthcare system or in community pharmacy. Following the PGY-1, PGY-2 residency options or other postgraduate training opportunities are numerous. Exactly what you do is up to you … mentors can advise you, but the decision is ultimately yours.

You'll start with an overview of the PGY-1 year in a healthcare system or the community. From there, you will be introduced to all the various specialty residencies, fellowships, and advanced degree programs. Each of these postgraduate training opportunities provides an overview of the programs including goals and objectives, application requirements, and career opportunities upon successful completion of such program.

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