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If you've reached your destination of postgraduate training, what can be left? As you read about in Chapter 1, today's residency training model is much different from that of years past. We can only expect that the future will continue to hold changes in how we view postgraduate training, especially residencies, where we will find them, and how they will be delivered. Section IV gives you an early glimpse of those future changes to your career development map. Read on to learn how the world approaches pharmacy residency training, and if obtaining a passport or visa (no, not the credit card) in the name of your own career training should be on your to-do list. If training outside your home country is not on your bucket list, this section still holds important lessons for you. Chapter 27 provides a gaze into the future of residency training, including thoughts on your role as an attending pharmacist, the support your college of pharmacy may provide in coordinating your residency program conducted 300 miles away, and how a practicing pharmacist can also join the ranks of resident trainees. It's important for you to update your car's GPS to account for changes in the highway system, and the same can be said for the need to continually update your career GPS. So, buckle up and let's complete the journey.

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