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Chapter 3


Common side effects would be included in all major compendia (e.g., Micromedex® 2.0, Clinical Pharmacology, or Facts & Comparisons) which would be a good initial search. In addition, some of the adverse effect specific resources (e.g., Meyler’s Side Effects of Drugs) would be appropriate to consult for less common side effects.


  • There are a variety of resources that could be consulted for this information including the text Drugs in Pregnancy and Lactation or some of the major compendia (possibly, Micromedex® 2.0 or Clinical Pharmacology).

  • The resources classify levofloxacin as an agent with unknown safety, but likely to be safe.

  • In order to best answer this question, the requestor should determine if the disease state has other treatment options which have more data available and if the infant is receiving any formula supplementation.


  • The student might start a search for general information in a toxicology text such as Goldfrank’s Toxicologic Emergencies. That could be followed with a search in Micromedex® 2.0 to find some general toxicology information; specifically the POISONDEX component of that resource would provide comprehensive information on this topic.

  • The student would do best to search using the generic name of the medication, in this case using chlorpheniramine.


In a case you are not familiar with a term, a general Internet search might be a good start to help streamline your search. An Internet search shows that AMDUCA stands for Animal Medicinal Drug Use Clarification Act of 1994. Knowing that the term refers to a specific piece of legislation, you would be prompted to consider searching the American Veterinarian Medical Association Web page or Food and Drug Administration Web page.


  • Since this would be an off-label use, there may be less data in the tertiary resources. In this case it is likely more efficient to do a search in the secondary resources. Medline is a good place to start.

  • Initially conducting a search with no restrictions/limits ensures that valuable information is not missed.

  • If the initial search yields a significant number of results, then a restriction to human clinical trials would be beneficial. When conducting this search it is important to realize that the term female sexual arousal disorder has changed over time, so maybe a more general search for female sexual dysfunctions will give more responses. In addition, searching for the specific drug sildenafil will yield useful data, but expanding the search using the class of drugs will provide more data.


Since the patient specifically provided you the news venue, going directly to the NBC Web page would be an excellent start. ...

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