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January 21, 20XX



  1. Call to Order. The members or Guests present or members absent are indicated below (legal names, usually with degrees).

    The meeting was called to order by the chairperson at 7:00 am. The physician members present represented a quorum. The minutes for the previous meeting were presented to the members. The section regarding a report of the chairperson from a discussion with the executive committee about ineligible handwriting and unapproved abbreviations was specifically reviewed by the chairperson. The minutes did not describe the executive committee’s request that the P&T committee quarterly forward five to eight examples of physician progress notes that reflect these two issues. The executive committee decided to have the president of the medical staff have individual contact with the medical staff members involved. A motion was made to approve the amended minutes and seconded. There being no further discussion, the motion was approved unanimously. After the vote, there was a brief discussion of the impending transition to a total electronic medical record with physician order entry and its ability to reduce transcribing errors. The physician members expressed concern regarding the ease of order entry. No further action was taken.

  2. Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee Organizational Affairs

    1. Policy and Procedure Amendments—The chairperson submitted a draft revision of the entire policy and procedure for the P&T committee in response to new standards of TJC and previously discussed requirements for the functions of the committee. The committee reviewed the proposed draft and agreed informally to reconsider it at the next meeting after the chairperson has had a chance to meet with the Chief Medical Officer regarding any other amendments that may be necessary.

    2. Committee Procedures

      1. Conflict of Interest Disclosure—The chairperson gave the Members the forms necessary to declare any potential or actual conflicts of interest according to the procedure established previously by the committee. The chairperson briefly reviewed this process and emphasized that conflicts of interest were only unacceptable when not acknowledged or no action is taken to resolve them during a meeting of the committee.

      2. Formulary Request format—no change

      3. Alternate Medication Use—no change

      4. Drug Monograph—no change

    3. Committee Membership—no action; end of year report due December 31st

    4. Annual Report—draft Report due January 5th

    5. Ad Hoc Committees—none currently

    6. Budget—reports due February, May, August, November

  3. Formulary System

    1. `Formulary Maintenance

      1. Formulary Additions/Deletions

        1. IV lansoprazole (Prevacid®)

        2. fondaparinux (Arixtra®)

        3. escitalopram (Lexapro®)

      2. Formulary Class Reviews

        • 28:04 General anesthetic agents

        • 72:00 Local anesthetic agent

        • 86:00 Smooth muscle relaxants

        • 24:00 Cardiovascular agents

      3. Nonformulary Usage Report

      4. Review of Standard Order Sets/Guidelines

        • TPN order sheet

  4. Drug Use and Quality Improvement

    1. Medication Error Report—no report

    2. Adverse Medication Reaction Report—no report

    3. Drug Usage Evaluation Report—no report

    4. Medication Recall—no report

  5. Hospital Pharmacy Policies—no report

  6. Current Medication ...

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