Pharmacotherapy Flash Cards

Pharmacotherapy Flash Cards cover
  • Aid pharmacy students in the practice of pharmacotherapeutic decision-making using case studies.
  • Provides a comprehensive review of pharmacotherapeutic concepts for each of the major disease states commonly encountered by clinicians in practice.
  • Condenses the highlights and clinical pearls from therapeutics courses in pharmacy schools to emphasize appropriate, evidence-based therapeutic decision-making and drug therapy monitoring.
  • A standard formatted case on the front of each card introduces students to a systematic flow of thinking when gathering patient health information and building toward making therapeutic recommendations or decisions.
  • Cases are designed to put the future healthcare provider into different potential scenarios where therapeutic decisions must be made (eg, a pharmacy, clinic, provider office visit, hospital, etc.).
  • Each case is followed by a therapeutic question. The answer may call for a specific drug or a general drug class.
  • At the top of the back of each card is the answer to the question; either a drug or drug class with each agent in the class listed. This is followed by drug information commonly used or considered when using these medications. This includes the mechanism of action, contraindications, precautions, adverse effects, and monitoring parameters.
  • The back of each card also includes a section called “Case Notes” where the answer to the case is explained along with other clinical pearls about use of the drug or drug class, management of the disease, and dosing.
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