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EBPP: Evidence-Based Pharmacy Practice Updates
Topics in Evidence-Based Pharmacy Practice is a continually updated collection of features and editorials that review, examine, and comment on the overload of information in the pharmacy field. Features are reviews of clinical trials, studies, and guidelines that examine the validity of approach, methodology, results, and recommendations, and make recommendations that can affect decision making. Editorials allow leading and emerging minds in the field express their opinion on the ever-changing world of pharmacy practice.
Latest Books

Top 300 Prescription Drug Challenge

Test yourself! Tiers correspond to PharmD Programs:

  • Brand & Generic Classifications
  • Available Dosage Forms/FDA Indications
  • Dose and Patient Counseling and Adverse Drug Reactions

Top 300 Drug Flashcards

A fun, fast way to learn essential information about the top 300 most commonly prescribed drugs! These digital flashcards flip to reveal need-to-know facts, and each drug is accompanied by several multiple choice questions to test your memory skills.